26 March, 2009


Seorang teman menyuruh gue buat ikutan “personality check” di DOUBUTSU URANAI, dia bilang pas bgt ama dia......jadi iseng2 gue coba aja n hasilnya kaya gini....

Yellow Fawn is austere and tend to be always quiet.
You are indifferent to how you look.
You dislike wearing branded clothes, and don't try to be strong or vain.
You have a pure heart. You say things in straight forward way, and this may startle others.
But you yourself don't think it to be offensive, so it won't lead to bad personal relationships.
You are not a double faced person, and because you act honestly, people would trust you, and you can build up good and long personal relationships. Not many, but you can make few real good friends.
Nevertheless, too optimistic personality can be a trouble.
You may be taken advantage of by others and may be easily deceived.
Although you don't show externally, you are very passionate.
You work hard to make your dreams and hopes come true.
You have a very good luck in business.
You are likely to be very successful once you start your own business.
However, because you don't get too attached, you may just stop before the last step.
You will succeed if you be more persistent.
You wish to build warm personal relationships, and often take over stable businesses.

mmmm...gue ga brani bilang ini bener kaya gue apa ga, karena kan yang lebih pantes nilai diri kita adalah org lain, so.....menurut lo???

Ketik nama spasi komen kirim ke........tulis di comment aja ya heheheh


Je said...

i think i know which one is the correct one :)

Anonymous said...

yg mana ya elo?

thinking first.......

i know who you are....absolutely...